Little Hello Kitty & Little Friends
Snow falls in a quiet town. Little Hello Kitty - a Hello Kitty plush toy - lies all alone on the snow, accidentally thrown out with the trash by a local toy factory.

Suddenly, a fairy appears out of nowhere and casts a spell on our heroine. The plush toy is instantly brought to life and our new Little Hello Kitty’s eyes flash open. The fairy passes on Hello Kitty’s message that Little Hello Kitty has special powers and should use them to bring happiness to people who are sad and weak.

This is where Little Hello Kitty’s journey begins…

Along the way, Little Hello Kitty meets her band of Small Friends - the giant sled dog, the tiger who escaped from the circus, the teddy bear made by a grandma for her grandchild, and the lonely owl. In fact, they all have mysterious powers. Despite their different backgrounds, they all try to make others happy as they search for the happiness buried somewhere deep in their own memories.

Let’s take off on a journey with Little Hello Kitty!
Episode Titles
  • Episode 1 Little Hello Kitty makes her debut!
    Little Hello Kitty meets a fairy! If you believe, miracles can happen!?

  • Episode 2 Here’s Harry Hurry!
    Little Hello Kitty lying abandoned in the snow meets Harry Hurry. This is her first friend!

  • Episode 3 Meet Mitcha!
    Harry has so many toys living with him in his hideaway. They’re all the toys he has lent a helping hand along the way. Mitcha is one of them.

  • Episode 4 Let’s meet Tiga!
    Tiga who ran away from the circus. Can he make up his mind to go away with the others?

  • Episode 5 Hello Melmel!
    “They look like they’re having such fun!” “I want to join in, too.” thought the lonely Melmel. Melmel frets over what he should do.

  • Episode 6 Where is Mitcha from?
    Mitcha starts to tell her life story. So much had happened to her before she reached Harry Hurry’s hideaway.

  • Episode 7 What makes a hero?
    Time for a short break now that everyone’s assembled. A fun episode full of noise and action. What happens when you say, “Let’s be heroes!”?

  • Episode 8 For the world, and its people!
    The friends get together to talk about what they can do to be helpful to people. But their dreams all start to head in crazy directions...

  • Episode 9
    Melmel’s first love – Part 1
    Melmel falls in love with a little bird who is trapped. Wanting to help Mel, everyone does their part and a plan is made to help Mel have a date. There is nothing that friends cannot do when they get together!

  • Episode 10
    Melmel’s first love – Part 2
    Everyone works together to do the impossible! And Mel and his love share a short but sweet time together, and for a moment the world is a better place. It’s amazing what friends will do for each other! Love and friendship forever!

  • Episode 11

    Little Kitty and friends find a message in a bottle and decide to visit Peru! There they help a struggling musician realize his musical dream!

  • Episode 12

    A small red bird falls from the sky, and Harry, Little Kitty and Mitcha go off to find the bird’s lost flock, though the bird also has some very valuable information to give to Melmel…

  • Episode 13

    Tiga’s magic tunes team up with the fireflies to guide the birds and Harry and co. back to camp. A lovely night under the stars is spent with new friends, before the journey continues for all…

  • Episode 14
    Theme Song: By Little Hands
    This is the video clip for the series theme song, entitled ‘By Little Hands’, featuring a mash up of different episodes from throughout this Little Hello Kitty series. Enjoy!

  • Episode 15

    Our friends experience the magic of a beautiful sunset in the most fun way possible during an evening of music, dancing and ‘serendipity’! Are they dolls, or idols!? Come join the party and find out!